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BNC Model 7300 5 MHz to 26+ GHz Signal Source Analyzer

BNC Model 7300 5 MHz to 26+ GHz Signal Source Analyzer
BNC Model 7070BNC Model 7000 series

Key Features

  • All-in-one compact measurement system
  • Measurements down to -180 dBc/Hz
  • Quick "One-click“ measurement
  • Selectable internal or external reference sources
  • Powerful graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Remote control via USBTMC and LAN
  • Residual and additive noise measurements


  • General purpose phase noise tests
  • Crystaloscillator and VCO testing
  • PLL synthesizer locking and characterization
  • Supply noise verification
  • Automated production testing

The Berkeley Nucleonics Model 7300 Signal Source Analyzer provides users with a compact solution for high performance signal characterization and analysis. Users can make fast and accurate measurements of single sideband residual and additive phase noise, amplitude noise, and baseband noise. The 7300 is a fully self-contained instrument with a cross-correlator engine and several internal low noise reference sources. With eye-popping performance coupled to fast “one-click” measurements up to 30 GHz, the Model 7300 offers test engineers an excellent experience.


  • Very Low Noise Internal Synthesizer
  • Two Independent Internal Low Noise Supplies
  • GPIB interface