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AnaPico APPH6000 Signal Analyzer 10MHz to 6200MHz

AnaPico APPH6000 Signal Analyzer 10MHz to 6200MHz
Manufacturer: Anapico

AnaPico APPH6000 Signal Analyzer 10MHz to 6200MHz

The APPH6000 signal analyzer is a single instrument solution that offers an indispensable set of measurement functions for evaluating RF signal sources such as crystal oscillators, VCOs, PLL synthesizers, RFICs, and LO circuits.

The APPH6000 provides fast and accurate measurements of SSB phase noise, amplitude noise, or baseband noise. Transient measurements can also be performed using the powerful triggering system. Using proven measurement procedures

Key Features


  • All-in-one measurement system
    • SSB Phase Noise
    • AM Noise
    • Baseband Noise Analyzer (Supply, external Detectors)
    • Transient Measurements
    • Component characterization (Kvco, Pushing, etc)
  • Fully automated, fast, reliable and accurate measurement
  • Auto-level and frequency detection and loop setting
  • Low residual noise floor
  • Available with Internal or external reference source
  • Remote control via USB and LAN and convenient graphical user interface