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Anapico Apsin3000HC 9 kHz to 3.0 GHz Fast-Switching Low-Noise RF Signal Generator

Anapico Apsin3000 9 kHz to 3.3 GHz Fast-Switching Low-Noise RF Signal Generator with front panel display
Manufacturer: Anapico

The APsin3000HC is a compact, high-performance analog signal generator with frequency coverage from 9 kHz to 3300 MHz, mHz resolution and a precisely leveled, broad output power range with a front panel display. It provides excellent signal quality with low phase noise, good harmonic suppression and low spurious.It supports AM/FM/PM and pulse modulation and has an internal low-drift OCXO reference. A truly portable version of the APSIN3000 is available with an optional internal battery and weighs less than 3 kgs.

Key Features

  • Very low phase noise
  • Externally lockable high-stability reference (OCXO)
  • Easy remote control from PC (GUI)
  • VXI-11/SCPI-99 fully supported
  • Excellent signal quality and stability
  • Fast switching and trigger modes
  • Powerful Ethernet LAN control (GUI, API, Web, SCPI)
  • Handheld: light weight, compact and rugged design
  • Truly Portable: rechargeable internal battery (optional)
  • Reliable: quality design for low cost of ownership



  • High-Performance Lab Generator
  • Automated test systems (ATE)
  • Field measurements



  • B3: internal rechargeable battery operation
  • PE: power range to -100 dBm
  • PE2: power range to -135 dBm
  • RM: 19’’ Rack-mount


Safety/EMC complies with applicable Safety and EMC regulations and directives.