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Gigatronics 2400B Microwave Signal Generator (10Mhz-40Ghz)

The fast frequency switching of the Giga-tronics 2400 Series Microwave.
Manufacturer: Gigatronics
  • Fast Frequency Switching
  • The fast frequency switching of the Giga-tronics 2400 Series Microwave
  • Synthesizer pays dividends in any test environment where large amounts of
  • data are collected. Regardless of the complexity of your application, such as
  • antenna characterization or RFIC testing, the 2400 Series will quickly prove
  • itself as your best test investment by providing quick settling of amplitude
  • and frequency for minimum waiting between measurement points. In
  • addition, the 2400 Series Automation Xpress software and interface
  • option ensures unmatched 2.5 ms CW frequency and power switching
  • performance, providing fast and flexible data exchange rates for faster
  • testing and more device throughput.
  • Low Phase Noise
  • The Giga-tronics 2400 Series Microwave Synthesizers deliver state of
  • the art phase noise and fast switching simultaneously. The 2400 Series
  • low noise, high power and excellent phase stability are ideal for your
  • measurement system’s local oscillator or low jitter clock.
  • Faster to Program
  • Every 2400 Series Microwave Synthesizer comes with Giga-tronics
  • Automation Xpress, a PC based software package designed for enhanced
  • user interface and automatic test systems. Automation Xpress leverages
  • industry-leading software applications, familiar Windows drop-down menus
  • and other functions to perform tasks. Using Windows-based applications,
  • such as Microsoft™ Excel or Notepad, engineers can create, manage and
  • download complex lists in seconds.
  • Simpler to Operate
  • At first glance, it’s clear the Giga-tronics 2400 Series is different. Its
  • innovative design and intuitive interface will make you productive right
  • out of the box. The 2400 was designed to streamline user navigation by
  • moving complex testing functions from the front panel to the desktop PC.
  • The result is a groundbreaking system that reduces training time, speeds
  • workflow and dramatically boosts end-user productivity. To enhance user
  • navigation, we minimized the number of soft screens and menu layers,
  • simplifying content and improving operational performance. That means
  • you’ll spend less time scrolling through data menus and more time getting
  • your work done.
  • 2400 Series Optimized for ATE
  • With the 2400 Series, ATE integrators now have a system source specifically
  • designed to match their unique performance needs. The 2400 Series works
  • seamlessly with other instruments. It includes hardware triggering and
  • synchronization signals with programmable delays to allow coordination
  • with other test products in your system. Replacing other industry-standard
  • microwave synthesizers can also be accommodated, making the 2400 Seriesthe ideal choice for upgrading older systems.