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Anritsu Sitemaster Rental

Trek Equipment Corporation provides month-to-month rentals of the Anritsu Sitemaster S331E.  Each rental package includes:

  • Anritsu S331E
  • OSLN50-1: Open/short/load calibration component
  • 15nnf50-.15c: Armored phase stable cable
  • DIN-KIT: a high quality DIN adapter kit,
  • and Hard Transit Case. 

The S331E includes complete standard accessories, and commercial calibration certificate from Anritsu.  All components are tested to conform to manufactures specification.  In most cases we can ship the equipment on the day of your order, subject to credit approval.

Operation leases, finance leases and rental with purchase accrual plans are optionally available.  Please let us know what works best for your situation.

Occasionally special applications require specific option packages, such as 2-port Transmission Measurement and Variable Voltage Bias Tee or the need for the S332E series Spectrum Analyzer.  We have this product also available.

  •  S332D/E rental package include option 10/21 (Transmission Measurement and Variable Voltage Bias Tee)
  • OSLN50-1: Open/short/load calibration component
  • Two(2) 15nnf50-.15c: Armored phase stable cable
  • DIN-KIT: a high quality DIN adapter kit,
  • and Hard Transit Case

As with the S331 series units, complete standard accessories, and commercial calibration certificate from Anritsu are included.

In addition to the Anritsu Sitemaster’s Trek Equipment Corporation rents the Anritsu PIM Master MW82119A & PIM Master Accessory kit.  

This unit’s rental also include a hard transit case and, of course, certificate of calibration.  Please specify the frequency range your application requires:

Frequency options available:

  • LTE 700 MHz (Upper & Lower)
  • Cellular 850 MHz
  • E-GSM 900 MHz
  • DCS 1800 MHz
  • PCS 1900 MHz
  • PCS/AWS 1900/2100 MHz


Also available for Rental, finance and operating lease: Spectracom 2241 Path Align-R

The Path Align-R test set is a high performance, complete test solution designed to quickly and accurately optimize the transmission path between two microwave antenna sites. The Path Align-R directly drives the site’s antennas, allowing the optimization process to be done without the need for on-site radios, complex test equipment, ground technicians, onsite AC power, cell phones, or two-way radios.

Thermal Imaging Camera Rental.

Trek Equipment Corporation has Three Thermal Imaging Models available for rent to meet the various customer applications.

FLIR T300- Bench Top Test Kit

The T300 has 76,800 pixels providing 320 x 240 resolution, operating at 30 Hz and includes both 25-degree and 45-degree optics.  The T300 camera is portable, ergonomic, and easy-to-use. FLIR’s T-Series infrared cameras provide excellent infrared image quality with innovative features that make them ideal choices for research and scientific needs.  Real-time image/data logging and plotting software allows Streaming to a PC via USB to display, record, and further analyze images. Chart time vs. temperature for spot and area measurements with the real-time plotting software.  Sensitive enough for scientific use, the camera is versatile enough for energy audits, preventive maintenance of industrial equipment and identifying water damage and infestations.

FLIR E40- Bench Top Test Kit

Te E40 has 19,200 pixels providing 160 x 120 resolution, operating at 60 Hz also includes both the 25-degree and 45 degree optics and analytical software available with its more expensive cousin the T300.  The additional lens of the bench top test kit provides greater flexibility and wider range of applications then a standard E40.  This camera is appropriate for almost any application.