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TeledyneLeCroy AP031 700 V, 15 MHz High-Voltage Differential Probe (÷10, ÷100)

TeledyneLeCroy AP031 700 V, 15 MHz High-Voltage Differential Probe (÷10, ÷100)
Manufacturer: TeledyneLeCroy

The AP031 / AP032 are fully differential active probes designed for applications where electrical signals must be measured relative to a floating voltage different to the oscilloscope ground potential.  The use of these probes ensures safe operation of the oscilloscope and maintains high signal fidelity with good common mode rejection and dynamic range.

The probe is a fully differential active device. The differential capability allows measurements to be made between two points in a circuit without reference to ground. The two input signals are processed inside the probe (see figure 1) and the resulting single-ended signal may be measured by any grounded oscilloscope. Because the differential voltage is calculated within the probe, with only the resultant difference signal being passed to the oscilloscope, a large dynamic range can be achieved with excellent rejection of common mode signals.

These probes are specifically designed for situations where:

  • The reference voltage may be several hundreds volts above or below ground.
  • Measurements require the rejection of common mode signals.
  • Ground loops and currents produce to excessive signal interference.