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NF BP4610 DC Power Supply/amplifier ±60V, ±10A(30Ap-p)

NF BP4610 bipolar DC Power Supply/Amplifier ±60V, ±10A(30Ap-p)
Manufacturer: NFCorporation
Bipolar DC Power Supply with Built-in Sequential Signal Source
BP series


Built-in 255-step sequential signal source

Voltage/Current output for four quadrants

High power : ±60V (Can be shifted)
BP4610 : ±10A (30Ap-p)
BP4620 : ±20A (60Ap-p)

Wide band: DC to 150kHz (CV)

Constant voltage (CV) / Constant current (CC) operation selectable

Response calibration function

Voltage/Current limiter, measurement display function

USB interface and external analogue input

Available for Sequence Editing Software (BP0421E optional)

Enriched Basic Performance


Fully equipped specification providing high voltage, high current, high speed, and constant current operation.
High voltage required in testing 12V/24V/42V vehicle electrical and electronic components, high current necessary for large parts, high speed required in driving actuators, and furthermore, constant current operation effective in driving solenoids with low impedance. With enriched specfication satisfying all such requirements, BP series responds to the needs in developement of devices and device testing.
  BP4610 BP4620
High output voltage 120Vp-p
Output range can be shifted to -5 V to +115 V and -115 V to +5 V, depending on limiter setting
High current ±10A (DC)
±20A (DC)
Wide band DC to 150kHz
Operation mode Constant voltage (CV) / Constant current (CC) operation selectable


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Wide-Ranging Output Area


Bipolar power source capable of handling positive/negative voltage and sink/source current
BP series can output in four quadrants and is capable of handling two directions of current, which are source (supply) and sink (absorption) current, let alone positive/ negative voltage. From devices that generate back electromotive force such as solenoids, capacitive load such as electrolytic capacitor, and even to piezoelectric material charged with electromotive force and power sources and batteries such as fuel cells, you can connect BP4610 to devices and systems that cannot be driven with normal DC power supply with a sense of security.
•This is an example with outpu of voltage ±60V.
•>Depending on the limiter setting, the output voltage can be shifted to -5V to +115V and -115V to +5V (Output current range changes when the ouput range shifts.)
•The number 1 to 4 stands for the quadrant nnumber.


Universal Output Pattern


Built-in sequential signal source that allows you to use sweep and arbitrary waveform
BP series has a built-in sequential signal source. For example, by programming a series of voltage change pattern used in voltage fluctuation test on electrical and electronic components, the test can be done in a single operation since the output changes in order according to the procedure.
When setting a sequence, you can use DC (direct current), sine wave, and square wave provided in the system and arbitrary waveform (16 types) loaded via USB interface. Maximum of 255 steps (minimum 0.1 ms per step) can be set and waveform, level, duration, and continuous/sweep can be selected for each step. Furthermore, you can specify repetition of sequence for 1 to 999 times (or continuous).
In addition, the power supply provides branch operation in which the external trigger input moves the sequence to a specified step, the function to stop the sequence, an