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TeledyneLeCroy WaveJet Touch 334T 350 MHz, 1 GS/s, 4ch, 500 kpts/Ch DSO with 7.5" Touch Screen Color Display. 2 GS/s Interleaved DSO

TeledyneLeCroy WaveJet Touch 334T 350 MHz, 1 GS/s, 4ch, 500 kpts/Ch DSO with 7.5" Touch Screen Color Display. 2 GS/s Interleaved DSO
wavejet touch imageWaveJet Touch
wavejet touch imageWaveJet Touch
Manufacturer: TeledyneLeCroy

The WaveJet Touch provides the performance, features, and touch screen user interface to simplify operation and shorten debug time. The compact design features a 7.5” touch screen, providing the convenience of touch operation in a portable design. With up to 5 Mpts of memory and 2 GS/s, every detail of the waveform can be captured and easily measured. The all-inclusive WaveJet Touch delivers maximum value for minimum investment.

The WaveJet Touch 334T provides the banner specifications, feature set and user interface to simplify how you work and shorten debug time. With a big, bright 7.5" display, long 500 kpts/Ch memory and up to 2 GS/s you will easily capture and see every detail of your waveform. The USB ports provide a quick way to save waveforms, store or print screen captures or connect to a PC. Math and measurement tools help you understand the waveforms and Replay mode allows you to look at a history of what has been captured. Altogether these specs, features and capabilities make the WaveJet 300A the right oscilloscope for your debugging needs.

Long Capture Time

The 500 kpts/Ch memory eliminates the tradeoff between long capture and high sample rate providing long capture at full 2 GS/s sample rate. The long memory makes the WaveJet a great tool for viewing low frequency and high frequency signals or signals with fast edges.

Waveform Math

The WaveJet provides math capabilities for additional analysis. Available math functions include sum, difference, product and FFT. Measurements can then be made on the calculated waveforms using the parameters or cursors to provide additional debug and analysis capabilities.

Automatic Measurements

Save time making measurements on your signals by using the 26 automatic measurement parameters. See your results color coded to the channels that are being measured. For a more in-depth look turn on the min/max statistics to observe trends in the measurements.

Replay Mode

The fast update rate shows runts and glitches when they occur but it is hard to tell exactly when they occurred. Replay mode lets you go back in time to isolate those anomalies, measure them with parameters or cursors, and quickly find the source of the problem.

Advanced Triggering

Along with edge triggering, additional triggering capabilities include Pulse Width, Period, Pulse Count and TV to help you capture the signals you need to see.

Frequency Counter

Use the built in 6-digit frequency counter to simplify how you make measurements. The counter is always displayed and easy to read.

Acquisition Modes

Peak detect and equivalent time acquisition modes offer flexibility in how you capture and measure your signals. The WaveJet can capture glitches as small as 1 ns with peak detect and can achieve a sampling rate of up to100 GS/s with equivalent time sampling.

Connectivity and Communication

Saving waveforms and screen images is an important part of documenting results. The WaveJet has a front panel USB port to save data to memory stick and a rear panel USB for printing hardcopies.

The rear panel USB port, along with optional GPIB and Ethernet connections provide full remote control of the instrument. LeCroy's Scope Explorer and ActiveDSO software utilities provide a quick method to begin controlling the WaveJet.




Wavejet touch Replay mode


WaveJet touch Pass/Fail testing