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Incorporated in 1970, Extech Instruments is based in Waltham, Massachusetts USA, just west of Boston. Recognized for the breadth and depth of its Test & Measurement offering and strong distribution network, Extech was acquired by FLIR Systems in November 2007. Extech Instruments’ high-value, handheld test instruments and FLIR-branded infrared thermal imager are sold through a network of national catalog houses, regional stocking distributors, internet, and international master distributors. The company has become one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of test equipment and portable printers and the Extech Instruments brand is regarded in many industries as the brand of choice. ISO 9001:2000 certified by TUV, Extech’s enviable reputation is built on innovative products that offer unique and patented designs with features, functions and reliability at an affordable price.

FLIR A15 Fixed/Mounted Infrared Camera

FLIR A15 Fixed/Mounted infra-red...

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Extech PRC30 Multifunction Process Calibrator

Extech PRC30: Multifunction Process...

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AnaPico APPH6000 Signal Analyzer 10MHz to 6200MHz

AnaPico APPH6000 Signal Analyzer 10MHz...

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Extech 380947 400A True RMS AC/DC Mini Clamp Meter

Extech 380947: 400A True RMS AC/DC Mini...

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Extech DT200 Laser Distance Meter

Extech DT200: Laser Distance...

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Extech MA200 400A AC Clamp Meter

Extech MA200: 400A AC Clamp Meter AC...

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Extech 461700 PocketTach® Mini Photo Tachometer

Extech 461700: PocketTach® Mini Photo...

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Extech 42510 Mini IR Thermometer

Extech 42510: Mini IR Thermometer 8:1...

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