Anapico Apsin26TB high power, low phase noise, fast-switching, 100 kHz up to 26 GHz microwave signal generatorBNC Model 845 3, 6, 12, 20 & 26G Portable 20 GHz low-noise and fast-switching Microwave Signal Generator
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Anapico Apsin 20G Portable 20 GHz low-noise and fast-switching Microwave Signal Generator

Anapico Apsin20G Portable 20 GHz low-noise and fast-switching Microwave Signal Generator
Manufacturer: Anapico

The APSIN20G is a low-noise and fast-switching microwave signal generator covering a frequency range from 100 kHz up to 20 GHz+. The lowest settable frequency is however as low as 100 kHz with some reduced maximum output power. The APSIN20G a wide and accurately levelled output power range and high spurious uppression. Advanced frequency synthesis with fractional-N divider makes for low SSB phase noise and micro-Hz frequency resolution. 

Power level extension is available to accurately level down to -90 dBm.

The APSIN20G includes AM, DC-coupled, low distortion wideband-FM, PM, FSK and PSK, frequency chirp, and fast pulse modulation with internal pulse train generator as standard. Three internal modulations sources are available. All modulation modes of the APSIN20G can be combined. This allows the generation of complex modulation signals for modern communication and location systems. The combination of pulse modulation and FM simulates Doppler effects or chirp signals. Simultaneous AM and pulse modulation provides the types of signal occurring in pulse radar applications with rotating antenna. The combination of FM and AM can be used to check fading effects of FM receivers.

The APSIN20G allows fast analog and digital sweeps including flexible list sweeps, where frequency, power and dwell times can be set individually. A flexible triggering capability simplifies synchronization within test environments. The APSIN20G operates with an ultra-stable temperature compensated 100 MHz reference (OCXO) to ensure minimal drift, and can be phase-locked to any stable external reference in a range from 1 to 200 MHz. Additionally, optimum phase synchronous signals can be achieved by feeding a 100 MHz reference directly as reference.

The APSIN20G support various standard interfaces such as USB-TMC, LAN, and GPIB. It is targeted for applications where a high-quality CW microwave source with versatile modulation is required. It offers an alternative to expensive high-end microwave signal generators, where small size and excellent microwave performance at an attractive cost is required. 



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