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Anapico APPH20G 5 MHz to 26 GHz Signal Source Analyzer

Anapico APPH20G 5 MHz to 26 GHz high-performance cross-correlation Signal Source Analyzer
Manufacturer: Anapico

The APPH20G provides fast and accurate measurements of SSB phase noise and also provides full time domain analysis capability.

Applying proven cross-correlation measurement procedures and self-calibration routines, reproducible, and accurate measurements are obtained even under changing environmental conditions.

Automated frequency and level detection and self-calibration greatly simplify use and applicability.

The instrument operates with either internal or external reference sources and offers measurements from 0.1 Hz up to 50 MHz frequency offset.

It is a compact and powerful instrument available with LAN (VXI-11), USB or with GPIB (optionally).

Platform independent intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), API library, and powerful SCPI command language set is available.











GPIB: IEEE-488.2,1987 programming interface 



General Characteristics 





Safety/EMC complies with applicable Safety and EMC regulations and directives.