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Spectracom 2241 Path Align-R Microwave Antenna Alignment Test Set

Spectracom 2241 Path Align-R Microwave Antenna Alignment Test Set
Manufacturer: Spectracom

The Path Align-R™ test set is a high performance, complete test solution designed to quickly and accurately optimize the transmission path between two microwave antenna sites. The Path Align-R directly drives the site’s antennas, allowing the optimization process to be done without the need for on-site radios, complex test equipment, ground technicians, onsite AC power, cell phones, or two-way radios.

Antenna Alignment Test Set

Each Path Align-R is a tuneable, synthesized signal source and a narrow-band receiver. The transmitter’s fixed output level (0 dBm) is powerful enough for long path lengths, yet low enough to virtually eliminate the possibility of interference to adjacent links. The receiver’s sensitivity and narrow bandwidth allow for accurate measurement of the received signal while providing a very high rejection of adjacent signals. Front panel thumb wheel switches provide tuning within the frequency bands to a resolution of 1 MHz. Both test sets transmit to and receive from one another continuously. 

Four Frequency Bands Available

The Path Align-R Model 2200 comes ready to use with four frequency bands. The 2400 extends the ranges of these bands. Models ending in “A” (e.g. 2200A, 2240A, etc.) are custom configured for at least one or more frequency band options. Each test set of two is delivered in custom designed, weather-resistant instrument backpacks that include pockets for carrying the headset, cable, waveguide-to-coax adapters, and a spare battery. The backpack also contains a large “D” ring to facilitate attaching the test set to the tower using a carabineer and nylon runner, sling or lanyard. Record-R™ Internal Data Logging (Model 2241) The results of the antenna path alignment are logged into the internally installed Record-R. The Record-R contains an embedded GPS receiver, which provides accurate date/time and position information to be added to the frequency and path loss data. This logged data is saved in non-volatile memory for later transfer to a PC. A single front panel pushbutton activates the logging process. Up to 250 separate data records can be saved in the fi eld for later download. Access to stored records is provided via USB or RS-232 connectors located on the rear panel. The Log View-R™ software utility is provided for interface between a PC and the instrument.

2241 Path Align-R with Record-R (all 4 bands included)

1.5-2.5 GHz

3.5-5.0 & 5.8-6.6 GHz

7.5-10.0 & 11.0-12.0 GHz 

15 & 18.1-19.4 & 22.0- 23.5 GHz


Included with Instrument

Each Path Align-R set of two comes with (1 per each instrument):

• Headset (mic and earpiece) with  10ft cord

• Coax cable assembly (SMA(m)  to SMA(m), 3 meters)

• Battery (12 VDC/2.3 Ah  rechargeable sealed lead/acid)

• Battery charger (AC MAINS  powered 90-264 VAC/47-63  Hz with IEC-320 input)

• AC MAINS Power Cord (IEC- 320 to NEMA type 5-15p plug)

• Weather-resistant instrument  backpack

• Operating manual and user card


Optional Accessories

Please see the .pdf file "Accessories" above

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